The Constitutional Convention

The Constitutional Convention - passed by the legislature...

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The Constitutional Convention Fifty-five delegates from 12 states (Rhode Island did not participate) met in Philadelphia in May 1787.  While authorized only to "revise" the Articles of Confederation, the participants moved quickly to  develop a new structure for the government.  The Virginia Plan The early debates centered on a proposal by James Madison known as the  Virginia Plan.  Supported by the large states, it called for a  bicameral  (two-house) legislature empowered to make  laws. The lower house was elected by voters in each state, and the upper house was chosen by the  lower house from candidates nominated by the state legislatures. Representation in both houses was  based on population. The executive was chosen by the legislature for one term and was responsible  for executing all laws. The legislature also appointed the judges to one or more supreme courts and  lower national courts. A Council of Revision made up of the executive and judges could veto laws 
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Unformatted text preview: passed by the legislature or the states; a vote by both houses was needed to override a veto by the Council. The New Jersey Plan The small states supported a less radical departure from the Articles of Confederation. The New Jersey Plan kept the one-house legislature, with its powers expanded to include raising revenue and regulating commerce. Each state had one vote, and the members were chosen by the state legislatures. A multiperson executive elected by the legislature was proposed. The executives, who were removable by action of the majority of the governors, also appointed judges to the Supreme Court. Laws passed by the legislature were binding on the states, and the multiperson executive was authorized to compel obedience to the law....
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