Week 11_Lecture Notes _PR Planning Process_An Overview

Week 11_Lecture Notes _PR Planning Process_An Overview -...

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LECTURE NOTES - WEEK 11 – PR Planning Process The Planning Process & the PR Proposal THE PLANNING PROCESS Besides analysing trends and predicting consequences, public relations is about achieving objectives and therefore about planned and evaluated efforts and not haphazard or 'off-the-cuff' efforts. Thus planning programmes to address problems/issues facing an organisation is an important function of public relations. Following the DPIE Model , there are four stages in the planning process: D efining the problems and issues - Where are we now? This is the fact-finding stage (analysing the situation) through research to: - identify the problems and issues facing the organisation - define the problem statement P lanning - Where do we want to be and how do we do it? Once the problem has been identified, the next stage is to plan a programme that will address the problem. This stage involves: - setting the goal and objectives - identifying the target publics the programme is for - developing the strategy to achieve the objectives - working out the action plan based on the strategy - determining the budget for the plan. I mplementation - When do we do and say it and how do we go about organising it? This stage involves taking steps to implement the programme. Giving enough lead-time to organise the events or prepare the tool, implementation plans are drawn up. These plans include: - the list of tasks necessary to organise the events/tools, - the schedule and - the persons responsible for the tasks. E valuation - How did we do? Like all well planned programmes with clear objectives, there is need to evaluate the success of the programme. There are two areas for evaluation: - how successfully the event/tool was organised and implemented - whether the PR objectives of the programme were achieved. Page 1 of 4
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Week 11_Lecture Notes _PR Planning Process_An Overview -...

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