Commercial media seeks to make a they are highly

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Unformatted text preview: PLE FOUR: MEDIA ARE PRIMARILY _____________ DRIVEN BY A __________________. Commercial media seeks to make a _________. They are highly dependent on ___________________. The interests of _____________ can affect what media includes in and leaves out from the message. CRITICAL QN: How does this profit motive influence the content of this message? Who benefits from this message? Oct 2006 Oct THE CRITICAL APPROACH 5 Principles & Critical Questions that help us to recognise media’s agendas and assess socio-cultural impact PRINCIPLE FIVE: MEDIA HAVE ________________ AND __________________ The storyline, the characters’ age, race, lifestyle, etc all reflect the ________ of the ________. Often we do not recognize this fact, as these values are embedded in the message, which is presented as __________ and not in a moralistic tone. CRITICAL QN: What lifestyles, values and points of view are represented in this message? Do these views clash with my own? Oct 2006 Oct REMINDERS NO TUTORIALS NO THIS WEEK THIS LECTURE 2: read Dominick Ch 2 Oct 2006 Oct REMINDERS Oct 2006 Oct HOMEWORK: Use FACTIVA and other sources to get the details on any 2 developments in the media scene in Singapore over the last 6 months – be ready to update classmates on these in tutorial in Week 4. these REMINDERS LECTURE AND TUTORIAL 3: read Dominick Ch 2 and 18 and Vivian pp 374-377. Review Functional, Critical and Effects Approaches. Oct 2006 Oct...
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