Consequences potentially exposed to large variety of

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Unformatted text preview: d ___. Consequences: ● (potentially) exposed to large variety of views vs _________________ ● interpretations could be __________. ● distinguishing fact from _______. Oct 2006 Oct THE FUNCTIONAL APPROACH LINKAGE: Mass media can link elements in society that are not directly connected Consequences ● supports capitalist economy by connecting ___________________ ● promotes civil society and anti-social movements ● creates a sense of a _____________ world Oct 2006 Oct THE FUNCTIONAL APPROACH ENTERTAINMENT: Media provides an _________ from real life, _____________ when bored, ____________ when stressed, ___________ when tense Consequences ● appealing to __________________ ● entertainment becomes something we _____ not something we _____ Oct 2006 Oct THE FUNCTIONAL APPROACH SOATION: Process by which we learn society’s ________, ___________, ___________ and ___________ Media is one _______ of socialization Media messages can be __________ Consequences ● _________ and maintains society ● requires media ____________ Oct 2006 Oct THE CRITICAL APPROACH Fundamental assumptions: •Media organizations h...
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