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Getting Permission: The Road to Copyright Clearances You already know that if it is your intention to include material in your work or creation that is not original to yourself, you will need to give a “sufficient acknowledgement” of the source. In addition to this, you may need to obtain permission from the copyright owner. Examples of material that you may want to use in your work or creation could be quotes, lyrics or parts of lyrics, lines of a poem or maybe the entire poem, illustrations, graphics, photographs, audio samples, tables, charts, graphs, or any of the above that you may encounter on websites. What then is your responsibility as a potential user of such material? It is to ascertain whether the material you need requires consent or permission from the appropriate person(s) for such use, obtain such consent or permission and where required and pay any fee in respect of such use. You will also need to consider if your proposed use will fall under any of the “fair dealing” defences as prescribed by the Copyright Act. Paying for use Generally, where the work has been commercially released or published, use of the work may require the payment of a fee. If the work or material that you wish to use is unpublished, a fee is not normally required, but you may want to, as a gesture of goodwill, give a complimentary copy of your work, when it is finished, to such a contributor. Tracing the Owner
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Oct_06_Copyright_handout - Getting Permission: The Road to...

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