Copyright I - Basic Concepts

Copyright I - Basic Concepts - Copyright I Basic Concepts...

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1 Copyright I Basic Concepts What is intellectual property? Creations resulting from the exercise of the human brain Inventions, designs, ideas, hybrids, music, poems, paintings, photographs, books, films, cartoon characters Bundle of legal rights protecting such creations Law recognizes that creators have right to protection of their work Why protect intellectual property? Provide impetus and motivation for creators Will lead to constant creation and development Allow creators to exploit their works commercially Enable creators to defend their works from infringement
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2 Main Forms of Protection *Copyright other than original works *Patents : product and process inventions *Registered trade marks : any sign capable of being graphically represented; colours *Integrated circuit layout: * indicates statute Main Forms of Protection Confidential information : trade secrets, client lists, methods of doing business Common law action of passing off: for unregistered trademarks *Registered design : product designs *Geographical indications : protecting the identity of the origins of a product * Plant varieties protection : exclusive rights given to breeders of new plant varieties * indicates statute Copyright Law in Singapore Singapore’s current copyright laws derive generally from the Australian Copyright Act 1968
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Copyright I - Basic Concepts - Copyright I Basic Concepts...

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