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FSN429.Professionalism Quiz - Professionalism Quiz: Click...

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Professionalism Quiz: Click on the link provided to submit your answers. Q1. Since viewing the professionalism lecture, how has your view of professionalism in the classroom changed? It really made me think of myself and others. The take home message is to value my time in class and the reason I am there is to learn and not to talk to people or have distractions. For example, texting is very disrespectful to your teacher and your classmates. I think it is very important to get in the habit of time management and respect in the present, because like the lecture said in studies, unprofessional behavior during undergraduate is associated with unprofessional behavior after graduation. I also didn’t really think too much about the way people dressed in class can also really send the message of being messy and not put together. For example, if you have an early class, maybe just wake up a couple minutes early to make yourself look presentable and not like you just woke up. Q2. List 4 ways you can exhibit professionalism in the classroom.
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FSN429.Professionalism Quiz - Professionalism Quiz: Click...

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