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We would use a Food Frequency test before the experiment and see how often they eat food that contains flavonoids: Some examples: Apples: 1/week | 2-4/week | 1/day | 7 +/week Pears: 1/week | 2-4/week | 1/day | 7 +/week Carrots: 1/week | 2-4/week | 1/day | 7 +/week Apple juice: 1/week | 2-4/week | 1/day | 7 +/week Applesauce: 1/week | 2-4/week | 1/day | 7 +/week Spinach: 1/week | 2-4/week | 1/day | 7 +/week Strawberries: 1/week | 2-4/week | 1/day | 7 +/week Red wine: 1/week | 2-4/week | 1/day | 7 +/week Dark chocolate: 1/week | 2-4/week | 1/day | 7 +/week Why? We want to assess their flavonoid intake prior to the experiment to observe their normal diet. This can give us insight of their diet and see if they already have a good amount of flavonoid consumption prior to the experimental diet that includes a given amount of Red delicious flavanoids. When? We will provide the Food Frequency test prior to the experiment. We will also provide a
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Unformatted text preview: Food Frequency test post experiment to see if they followed the given experiment. How? When the subjects arrive to the hospital, we will give each person a Food Frequency test. We will use their blood results to see if the apple flavonoids really do protect against formation of oxidized LDL to analyze the antioxidant capacity in their plasma. If the antioxidant capacity level is high in their plasma, that will help lower their LDL level. Challenges that may occur are the other foods that the subjects eat. They may eat food that may raise their LDL, such as saturated fatty foods and skew our data. Some people may exercise more often, which lowers their LDL levels, which is another component that can affect our data. As for the food frequency test, people may not be completely honest, because they may think they should answer questions with certain answers....
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