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FSN343.SLOdoCo - Kim Chin SLO Donut Company SLO Donut...

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Kim Chin 3/9/11 SLO Donut Company SLO Donut Company was established on September 30, 2010. The donut shop has a lot of natural lighting during the day, both to conserve energy and to set a natural mood. And at night, the shop has sets a relaxing mood with the dim lighting. There is free Wi-Fi, good coffee, and it is open 24-hours; key ingredients for a college student. They have a large variety of donuts and other baked goods like croissants or muffins. The shop also has a cereal bar and a variety of fruit for sale. Along with the sweets, they serve coffee and tea. They get their coffee from Joebella, a local fair trade coffee roaster from Atascadero. This business is very family oriented. Jake, the owner is also the contractor of this establishment and his wife is actually the one that has a family history of bakers. The combination of both of them resulted in a greatly structured donut shop. Since they are also fairly new they have a set group of employees that are very dedicated to the job. There really hasn’t been much turnover of employees. Their input of employees (human labor and skills), materials (food and supplies), facility (space and equipment), and operational (money and time) provide this business with success. Their human resources are very stable as predicted in a novel company. Jake is the manager and construction manager of the business. His wife and her extended family are in charge of the food area of the business. They have other employees, but for the most part the company is a close knit family business. Since it is a 24/7 business, it is very hard to find employees that are willing to work shifts in the middle of the night. But to have employees willing to work any hour of any given day proves their loyalty to the company. They also have to take in consideration the ratio of profit to employee’s salary. At times the net gain is really low, especially at meal times, but also around 3 or 4 am when there are only a few or no customers that come in. At the wee hours of the day, they try to have the least employees present as possible. In addition to their employees are the bakers. The bakers come in two different phases; the first phase is at 7 p.m. and the second phase is at midnight. This second phase is when the majority of the donuts are made for the upcoming morning rush. The kitchen is a set up in a rectangle fashion. The process in making the donuts starts from the storage room with the ingredients. The ingredients are brought over and combined in
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the mixing bowls. They have a Rondo 80 quart mixer, which is primarily used for the donut base. And they use the 30 quart mixer (without a labeled brand) to make various toppings, such as chocolate. After the bakers shape the donuts, they place them in the proofer to wait for the donut to rise. After the donuts have risen, the bakers put the donuts into the fryer. Once the donuts are fried, they place the donuts onto trays to cool down. The trays are stored on the stainless steel
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FSN343.SLOdoCo - Kim Chin SLO Donut Company SLO Donut...

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