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Essay Question Outlines: 1. When did the period of the Middle Ages begin? When did it end? a. Book suggests “The Christian Centuries” 500-1400 a.i. 500: Germanic kingdoms established on former Roman lands a.ii. 529: Saint Benedict founded monastery at Monte Cassino a.iii. 596: Pope Gregory I sends missionaries to convert the Anglo- Saxons a.iv. 800: Charlemagne is crowned the emperor of Romans a.iv.1. Growth of feudalism a.v. 962: German King Otto I becomes first Holy Roman Emperor 1054: Split between the Byzantine and Roman churches a.vii. 1337: Hundred Years War a.viii. 1347: Black Death a.ix. 1378-1417: Great Schism of papacy b. Triumph of Christianity and the establishment of Germanic kingdoms on Roman lands constituted a new phase in Western History: the end of the ancient world and the beginning of the Middle Ages b.i. Heartland of medieval civilization gradually shifted to the north, the regions of Europe that the Greco-Roman civilization had barely penetrated b.ii. During the Middle Ages, a common European civilization evolved, integrating Christian, Greco-Roman, and Germanic traditions: b.ii.1. Christianity was at the center of medieval civilization b.ii.2. Rome was the spiritual capital b.ii.3. Latin was the language of intellectual life b.ii.4. Germanic customs permeated social and legal relationships b.iii. Early Middle Ages (500-1050)= new civilization struggled to take form b.iv. High Middle Ages (1050-1300)= Medieval civilization reached its peak c. Three new civilizations formed from the ruins of the Roman Empire: Latin Christendom (Western and Central Europe), and two Eastern
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Final Essay Question Outlines - Essay Question Outlines: 1....

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