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Critique 1 - Megan Michels Dr Conway COMS 460 Senior...

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Megan Michels Dr. Conway COMS 460 October 18, 2010 Senior Project Critique #1 Traci Sneller wrote “Negative Political Advertising and Ethics: A Study of George Bush’s 1988 Negative Campaign Commercials” in March of 1990 under the adviser, Dr. Duffy. The purpose of her critical project was to expose the effectiveness of negative advertising campaigns for the presidential election in 1988. Sneller’s study focused on how to evaluate the legitimacy of an ad hominem advertisement through both factual support as well as ethical soundness. Sneller’s project focused on the non-Aristotelean criticism of the rhetoric used in creating negative advertisements in political campaigns, and specifically, the Bush campaign in 1988. Sneller begins her project with some basic background on the importance and relevance of political campaign commercials and how they have evolved over the recent years. With the campaign details laid out in the beginning, Sneller then
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