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Megan Michels Dr. Conway COMS 460 10/25/10 Senior Project Critique #2 Leslie Ann Scratchard’s 1980 project, “The Effects of Body Type on Hirability” delves into the controversy of the effects of one’s image in the professional world. Scratchard aims to see if there is stereotyping of body type, and if the associated stereotypes affect the interviewers’ perception of one’s personality, and ultimately, if those stereotypes lead to one’s prejudice in hiring candidates for a job. Dr. Conway advised her project. Scratchard explains that the significance of the project comes from the fact that most people, at one point in their lives, must face human judgment and interview for a job. Scratchard believes that if we can have a better understanding of the discrimination and prejudice around us, we can begin to make changes to create more equal opportunities for employment. Scratchard consulted several pieces of literature, all examining the evolution of research conducted on the basis of stereotyping from body image. Scratchard used Sheldon’s three body
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