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In her compelling speech, “The Tale of Urban Renewal,” Majora Carter speaks about the environmental ruin in low-income neighborhoods due to discriminatory actions on the part of major industries such as power plants and sewage plants. As a part of her “Green the Ghetto” campaign, she is working on several projects such as parks, biking paths, and roof gardens to turn the situation around, revealing a more equally distributed community in the South Bronx. One of her slogans that resonated with me during her speech was when she said, “economic degradation begets environmental degradation, which begets social degradation.” Ms. Carter explained that in areas such as the South Bronx, where there is a large population in poverty, large corporations tend to target these areas and over-exploit
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Unformatted text preview: the land for their own profit. This ultimately leads to environmental degradation, due to the increased pollution and lack of open space for parks etc., which leads to social degradation and poor health. I found her campaign for “Green the Ghetto” to be inspiring, especially when she spoke of the example in Bogota, Columbia. Through using the example of how the mayor of Bogota was able to create a more comprehensive sustainable community, Ms. Carter brings her campaign to life. It gives the listeners the backing that her ideas and suggestions can truly make a difference in the South Bronx as well. Ms. Carter brings a very real issue to the surface, and forces us to think about the place where we live, and how we can make other people’s living situations more enjoyable....
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