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10/13/10 Econ 303 Fall 2010 Outline for Essay 1 Outline for Essay #1 I. Introduction: a. Grabber: use concrete example to describe situation – paint picture i. Describe scene to show how values passed on from generation to generation can teach one to be overly dependent on the abundant sources of welfare (combining both theories) b. Background: Name the two theories i. Culture of Poverty – give a little background ii. Big Brother – give a little background c. Thesis: The Culture of Poverty theory and the Big Brother theory offer a compelling explanation to poverty in our country today; referring to a combination of bad behaviors taught throughout generations, along with the overuse of the excessive welfare systems that our government provides. II. Defining Culture of Poverty and Big Brother theory a. The Culture of Poverty is a group of people who live in poor areas such as ghettos, housing projects, and other poor regions, where they end up developing a set of “beliefs, values, and norms” that differ from those in the main society. These differing beliefs that this subculture shares perpetuate their poverty from generation to generation. (Bradshaw 2006) b. The third theory is called the “Big Brother” theory. This theory suggests that the government does too much for the poor, so much so that the government discourages people from working because they feel too comfortable with the benefits given from the government. (Schiller 2008) i. Welfare Services: (Lang 2007) 1. Disability Insurance: must have worked for a certain period of time and are now unable to work (Lang 2007) a. With new eligibility rules in 1984, more people qualified for this benefit b. Disability Insurance was indexed to the mean income, meaning that people who made below the average income saw this as an ideal means of gaining money
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Outline 1 - Megan Michels Econ 303 Fall 2010 Outline for...

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