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Article 2 notes - Article#2 Two Words to Improve...

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Article #2: Two Words to Improve Physician-Patient Communication: What Else? Patients complain that physicians do not listen, are hurried, and do not allow them to participate in their care Physicians complain that they are hurried and hassled and have insufficient time with their patients 3 Functions of the Medical Interview o Information Gathering Shift from physician-centered to a patient-centered communication interview style will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the medical interviews o Relationship Building o Patient Education Kalamazoo consensus statement – 7 essential elements of physician-patient communication: o Establish relationship by opening discussion o Gather information o Understand patient’s perspective o Share information o Reach agreement on problems and plans o Provide closure Information Gathering: o 5 Communication Patterns: Narrowly biomedical – highly physician controlled (lowest rate of patient satisfaction) Expanded biomedical – some psychosocial dialogue, but still
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Article 2 notes - Article#2 Two Words to Improve...

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