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Article 5 notes - Still curable vs stay comfortable •...

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Article #5: “End-of-Life Care: Guidelines for Patient-Centered Communication” Guidelines: o Prioritize the information that the patient should retain o Assess the patient’s emotional state, readiness to engage in the discussion, and the level of understanding about the condition o Know what the patient wants to know – how much information to give them o Design a plan of action for patient so that they can receive the bad news but also have something to move towards o Curative vs. palliative care
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Unformatted text preview: Still curable vs. stay comfortable • Recommendations for Patient-Centered Communication when discussing bad news o Prioritize o Practice and Prepare o Assess Patient Understanding o Determine Patient Preferences o Present Information o Provide Emotional Support o Discuss options for the future o Offer additional support o Consider individual preferences • Keep in mind the goal of care as the disease can change from curative to palliative care...
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