Chapter 5 – Patient Perspective

Chapter 5 – Patient Perspective - Chapter 5...

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Chapter 5 – Patient Perspective o Body = object, not intimate being Behaviors that doctors use to show respect to patient’s situation (nonverbal) o Lower eyelids o Turn head to side o Gaze into middle distance “Body work” o Where something that may have seemed inappropriate before, is accepted as clinically approved interaction with its own set of rules It is hard to learn how to be a good, communicative patient o We are never taught how to communicate with our doctors, we just walk into an unscripted situation where we are supposed to know what to do Voice of Lifeworld – concerned with the health and illness as they relate to the everyday world (feelings, concerned with why the disease is happening and what effects it will have on their daily life) o Vs. Voice of Medicine – concerned with science, evidence, empirical data etc. Very specific, detailed measurements in a scientific viewpoint Suggestions from professionals on how to be a good patient o Create and bring with a one-page health history Allergies, family disease history, drugs etc. o Bring all meds that you take in a clear, plastic bag o Choose your doctor carefully based on their consideration of your thoughts, feelings, medical & health history o Know what treatment you are supposed to get, and make sure that everyone else knows too o Make a friend in the pharmacy field o Wash away germs as often as possible
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Chapter 5 – Patient Perspective - Chapter 5...

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