Learning Objectives Midterm 1

Learning Objectives Midterm 1 - Learning Objectives for...

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Learning Objectives for Health Communication – Week 1-6 Week 1: Explain the scope of health communication (e.g., interpersonal, group, organizational, public and mass media) (see reading of article 1 and chapter 1) Explain at least two applications of health communication (how this knowledge is useful or practical) Know that Blackboard will be used in the course and that you will be active in your own learning. Demonstrate the ability to post and reply to the online discussion forum Explain the differences and similarities between the bio-medical and biopsychosocial model (see lecture notes day 2 and Powerpoint available under the "Powerpoint" tab on our course menu). Week 2: Explain the difference between physician-centered and patient-centered communication, giving an example of each. Explain how power affects communication in health contexts. Describe how communication can be related to health outcomes (from in-class PBS video The New Medicine ). You should have your own notes, but if you missed part of the video or want to remind yourself of the content, Dr. Jackson took notes during the video. My notes are posted under the Powerpoint tab in our course menu. Describe at least 3 variables that contribute to patient satisfaction Demonstrate the use of a patient-centered interviewing approach (suggestions are in Article #2- pay attention to the "What Else?" technique, the Ask-Tell-Ask technique we used in class). Week 3: Define nonadherence and describe the overall prevalence of patient nonadherence to prescriptions or treatments. Describe at least 3 causes of nonadherence and at least 2 consequences of nonadherence to treatments. o
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Learning Objectives Midterm 1 - Learning Objectives for...

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