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Midterm Study Guide - COMS 418 - Study Guide Mid-term test,...

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COMS 418 -- Study Guide Mid-term test, Dr. L. Jackson The test will be multiple choice and short answer. It covers all lectures, class material and readings to date. By the midterm, you should have read chaps 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 11 as well as articles 1-5 distributed on Blackboard in the learning modules. Review notes/handouts relevant to lectures, and feel free to access the PowerPoint slides posted online. You might also benefit from reviewing the “Learning Objectives” from each week. Here are some terms, concepts, and questions to get you thinking about things you should be familiar with. Although, I can't guarantee this is an exhaustive list, I can assure you that these are likely to be on the test in some form: What is the study of health communication ? The way we seek, process and share health information What is the Biopsychosocial Model ? Biomedical model? Biopsyhcosocial: takes into account the patient’s emotions, thoughts, beliefs, social expectations, and physical health condition Biomedical: health is a physical phenomenon that can be explained, identified and treated through physical means only What is paternalism in medicine? When the doctor acts as the father, telling the pateitn what is best for him or her, not including the patient in their own treatment (Doctor knows best attitude) What did the following people contribute to the fields of health & medicine? Hippocrates, Fracastorius, Semmelweis, Pasteur? Hippocrates: Hippocratic oath, father of medicine, body’s health is a balance of the 4 humors (but also considered psychological health) Fracastorius: developed contagion theory – defined contagiousness Semmelweis: o Examined 2 death rates in his hospital Midwives who delivered babies Medical students who delivered babies o The women who’s babies were delivered by medical students would get sick while the women who’s babies were being delivered by Midwives were not getting sick o Discovered that the sickness was coming from the medical students who dissected cadavers in their spare time (germs etc) o Came up with the idea that medical students need to wash their hands o Pioneered antiseptic policy Pasteur: pasteurization o Known for understanding the process of fermentation (heated grape juice high enough to kill off organisms) o Also came up with immunizations According to the video The New Medicine , is a patient’s stress level medically important? Why or why not? Yes, for example in the video when the doctors issued small wounds to two groups of people, the ones who were less stressed healed on average, 9 days faster than the people who had high levels of stress. Lower stress levels can lower medical costs, speed up healing time, shorter hospital stays Agree or disagree with the statement “The mind has an important impact on the body.” Justify your position. Agree: The mind has a very important impact on the body:
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Midterm Study Guide - COMS 418 - Study Guide Mid-term test,...

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