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Slides for Ch. 5 – Patient Perspective I. Patient Behavior a. Learned through observation and time, not a skill that is taught b. Voice of Lifeworld (Patient Perspective) i. Concerned with the health and illness as they relate to the everyday world (feelings etc.) c. Voice of Medicine (Doctor) i. Concerned with science, empirical data, evidence, etc. Very specific and scientific II. Suggestions on how to be a more active patient in medical encounters a. Create and bring with a one-page health history b. Bring all meds in a clear, plastic bag c. Choose your doctor carefully based on the consideration of their attention to your thoughts, feelings, medical, & health history d. Know what treatment you are supposed to receive, and confirm that with the doctors and nurses ahead of time to prevent miscommunications e. Make a friend in the pharmacy field and ask their advice f. Wash away germs as often as possible III. Patient Satisfaction: a. Patients are happy with their medical experiences when they feel their
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