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Study Guide Answers: Biomedical vs. Biopsychosocial Model o Bispsychosocial Model: George Ingle (1977) More than just biological influences to illness Biological Psychological Social Adds on to biomedical process o Biomedical Focuses on physical process, pathology, biochemistry etc. Hippocrates o Earliest one to explain disease on rational basis, 4 humors, resotring balance etc. o Not all was 100% correct, but novel approach o Hippocratic Oath: medical ethics o Humanity – value o Value of fidelity (not spreading things about etc.) Patient Stress Level – medically important:
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Unformatted text preview: o Yes, immune system, rehabilitation, etc. o Guided imagery techniques in the video led to reduced recovery time o Wounds recover faster with less stress • Ask-tell-ask o Ask what the patient already knows o Tell what you know about the disease, recovery, options etc. o Ask the patient to clarify their understanding • What communication behaviors are related to Patient Satisfaction o Affect, behavior, cognitive needs met o Genuine warmth and honesty o Attentiveness and respect o Time spent o Showed respect o If patients feel they have control...
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