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Michels 1 Megan Michels 03/08/10 Animal Science 112 Animal Behavior Assignment The Relevance of Understanding Swine Behavior Megan Michels Introduction: In the discussion of the various types of animal behaviors as revealed in the Principles of Animal Science, it is easy to read about the descriptions of the behaviors and memorize them for an exam. However, through actual observation of animal behaviors through personal eyewitness, these described, textbook behaviors become animated and applicable to understanding why the animal acts in the way it does. No longer does the simple licking at another pig solicit simply a “cute” image; now there is known meaning and reason behind it. Materials & Methods: To observe animal behavior in an environment that the animals were accustomed to, I chose to observe animals in the Swine Unit in the “finishing barn.” On Friday, March 5, 2010, there were four pigs in the second to last stall in the finishing barn of the Cal Poly Swine Unit. The weather was relatively nice, with a just a few clouds out in the morning. At ten a.m., the animals were awake and relatively active. Each pig exhibited several types of behaviors from the major categories, although a majority of the exhibited behaviors were in the sleeping category. The reasoning behind this could simply be that pigs aren’t extremely active creatures and that laying down and sleeping is one of the only things they really can do if they are all cooped up together in one small stall in the barn. Perhaps if they had been in a bigger facility they may have exhibited more active
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asci project - Michels 1 Megan Michels Animal Science 112...

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