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Megan Michels Controversy Presentation Outline COMS 226 Skiles 02/25/10 I. Introduction a. Attention getter: 84,000 deaths in US each year due to racial disparities in health care - Put in perspective: all of the students on our campus x 4 b. Social Significance: studies found that minorities can’t afford good facilities – as college students, we fall into that group of not being able to afford good health insurance/expensive care etc. c. Topic Revelation: Racial disparities in health care – how patients are being treated by physicians, the medicine and care they receive, and the outcome of their treatment II. Body a. History: 1999 government asked nonprofit organization to examine racial disparities in US – found that they were existent, but couldn’t distinguish immediate causation i. Problems existed even when socioeconomic factors were comparable ii. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center: Black women = 90 percent more likely to be diagnosed with advanced stages of breast cancer than
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