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brief 1 contro - Carmichael, Mary. "The Great Divide."...

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Carmichael, Mary. "The Great Divide." Newsweek . 2010. Web.16 Feb. 2010. The professional problem addressed in this article is about the disparity in the health care of minorities. More than ten years ago the government asked a nonprofit organization called the Institute of Medicine to conduct a study about health and health care for racial and ethnic minorities. What they found was that the minorities consistently had poorer health and low quality health care, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Although this issue has been examined now for several years by various organizations, there are still studies coming out that reveal the problem of low quality health care for minorities. According to this article, the problem seems to be that the reason for this lack of equality is still unknown. First, it is extremely difficult to identify the minorities themselves without accidentally grouping three or four different nationalities under one minority. Then, it is difficult to distinguish between nature and nurture of the social environment of each person versus the medical environment in which they are being treated. As of now, there are many Culture Competency programs utilized in Medical Facilities that prevent the poor treatment of minorities, but the problem still clearly exists. The main argument of this article is that even though it has been a decade since the problem of racial disparities in health care has been discovered, the issue still exists, and it is going to take more than health-care reform to change it. There are several groups including the
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brief 1 contro - Carmichael, Mary. "The Great Divide."...

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