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CC Brief 1 - Escola v. Coca-Cola Bottling Company of...

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“Escola v. Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Fresno.” 24 Cal. 2d 453; 150 P. 2d 436 (1944). Lexis Nexis Academic Legal Research. Web. 1 March 2010 This court case involves the decision of the California Supreme Court involving an injury caused by an exploding bottle of Coca-Cola. Plaintiff Gladys Escola was a waitress in a restaurant who was putting away glass bottles of Coca-Cola when one of the bottles exploded in her hand. She suffered serious injuries to her hand and claimed that the bottle simply had a fracture line in the middle and neither half broke at all during the impact of it hitting the ground. The important ground that this court case covers is that rather than claiming negligence on the part of the manufacturer, a rule of strict liability should be imposed on manufacturers whose products cause injury to consumers, according to the concurring opinion of Supreme Court Justice Roger Traynor. Traynor argued that “manufacturers were better prepared to handle the costs of injury than individual consumers, and noted that California state law already applied a rule of strict liability makers of foodstuffs which cause illness of injury” (462). The main contribution of this court case is that the concurring opinion of Traynor made it clear that manufacturers need to take responsibility for injuries incurred by consumers through the use of their products. He wrote that because of the nature of modern mass production of goods, it is difficult to verify that the manufacturer had been negligent in the production of their goods, but that there is a rule of strict liability that is placed on manufacturers for products that
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CC Brief 1 - Escola v. Coca-Cola Bottling Company of...

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