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controversy speech outlin - Megan Michels Controversy...

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Megan Michels Controversy Presentation Outline COMS 226 Skiles 02/25/10 I. Introduction a. Attention getter: “About 84,000 deaths occur in the United States each year due to the health care gap that separates minorities from non-minorities” (Satcher, Director of the National Center for Primary Care, Health Affairs, 2005) - Put number in perspective: Imagine all of the students on our campus, and then multiply that by 4. b. Social Significance: What some studies have found, is that the reason why minorities receive such poor health care is because of the facilities that they can afford. We may fall into this group then, because we are college students. As we graduate college and start to get our feet on the ground, we are going to have very little money initially to spend on health care, so we may end up having access to poorer health care facilities, thus giving us worse outcomes as well. c. Topic Revelation: Today I’m going to talk about the racial disparities in health care, pertaining to how well patients are treated by physicians and the medical care they receive, as well as the reasons behind these findings. II. Body: a. History: in 1999 the government asked the Institute of Medicine to examine the racial disparities in US – found that they were existent, but the causation was difficult to discover i. Existing problems – even when socioeconomic factors were comparable 1. Even though awareness of these problems has existed for more than a decade now, problems still exist a. Quote 1: Mary Carmichael, author of “The Great Divide”
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controversy speech outlin - Megan Michels Controversy...

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