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Megan Michels Skiles COMS 226 02/03/10 Written Assignment 5: “Wal-Mart” Video #1. Causal Reasoning: The argument that I found to be most explicit throughout the video was that when Wal-Mart comes into a small town to set up their business, small businesses get forced out of shop and have to close down. This is a causal reasoning argument because as Wal- Mart stores open, small businesses are forced to close. In testing the strength of inference, there are two tests to be used: test of quality and test of quantity. In the test of quality, I think that the sample is typical of the population if the population being considered is “small towns,” which seemed to be the focus in the video. However, the only thing that could be taken into account is that the video seemed to concentrate on small towns in the Midwest and southern states, rather
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Unformatted text preview: than small towns in states all over the country. In that case, the sample is not typical of the population because small towns in Texas etc may not have the same reaction to big Wal-Mart businesses coming in as small towns in California or other states in different locations. There should have been a more diverse sample to reflect the population. In the test of quantity, the sample is not very representative of the population numerically, considering that they only followed a few peoples stories. The video producers made major generalizations when they said that Wal-Mart stores make small businesses drop out because they didnt consult small businesses all over the country....
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