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Unformatted text preview: Concealed Rhetoric in Scientistic Sociology – LS: Pedantry: bad instruction on part of social scientist to declare things are one way or the other. Nature of science that things must be replicable to confirm that they are correct (problem: no absolute model, everything is tentative). 3 criteria for social scientific research: 1) what is said is true, 2) what is found is significant, 3) something that isn’t obvious. Social scientist = agent for change. Euphemistic vocabulary: uses this to imply possibility of social change. Weaver = this is bad! Rhetoric needs basis of science because people are inclined to believe things that are in line with existing/fixed natures. Rhet. always carries perspective. Social scientists latched onto physical science for respect. Ultimate Terms in Contemp. Rhet. – ER: “devil terms:” waste, over-consumption, ecoterrorist. “god terms:” expression under which all other expressions are ranked as subordinate, ex. “progress.” Bad vs. good terms: “science:” satisfies a primal need, “fact, modern, efficient, un-american, history, allies, nazis, blue, red.” Charismatic terms: have a power which is not derived, but which is given in some mysterious way, independent, their...
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