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Unformatted text preview: I.A. Richards semanticist, subjective prejudices of the speaker, response to general semantics, cultural critique, blames science for the eclipse of authentic rhetoric. Emotive Language Still indicating, characterizing, realizing, appraising, influencing, structuring… referential = things in nature, in scientific world, refers to the object, emotive = layers of feelings, connotative. All meaning is contextual, your past relationships and experiences with the word (within literary and psychological context). Synchedote: words that are part of a context, part of a whole. Words exert power. Delegated efficacy: something that is helpful, way of referring to things in a different way (John Locke). All words are metaphorical. Things we read are going to influence how we see things. Much of language works through prediction. Rhetoric vs. more scientific ways of thinking. Cannot write about the universe without addressing a spiritual viewpoint. Truth of poem is not an objective truth – troth is to poetry what truth is to science. All poetry is emotive language. Rhetoric deals with poetry: metaphors. You is to poetry what truth is to science....
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