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ch 1 outline - Small Group COMS 217 Chapter 1 Outline...

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Small Group COMS 217 Chapter 1 Outline Introduction to Group Communication I. Succeeding in Groups: a. Small group: organized group of people working together to achieve a shared goal b. Group Communication : interaction of three or more interdependent members working to achieve a common goal i. Odd number is better than an even number sit that voting can take place to help with certain decisions ii. Ideal size for a group: 5-7 people iii. Interaction : requires communication among group members who use verbal and nonverbal messages to generate meanings and establish relationships iv. Goal : is the purpose or objective toward which group work is directed (why are we meeting?) v. Interdependence: means that each group member is affected and influenced by the actions of other members c. The Nature of Group Communication: i. Members: individuals whom other members recognize as belonging to the group, interact with each other, each brings their own background to the group’s success ii. Messages: ideas, information, opinions, feelings iii. Channels: channels are the media through which group members share messages, how they receive messages (through their 5 senses) iv. Feedback: response or reaction to a message (verbal or nonverbal) v. Context: physical and psychological environment in which a
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ch 1 outline - Small Group COMS 217 Chapter 1 Outline...

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