Chapter 12 Notes

Chapter 12 Notes - Chapter 12 Planning and Conducting...

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Chapter 12: Planning and Conducting Meetings I. Meetings, Meetings, Meetings a. Many people have negative impressions of meetings, but they can be positive b. Meeting: scheduled gathering of group members for a structured discussion guided by a designated chairperson c. Three elements that a meeting needs: c.i. Schedule c.ii. Structure c.iii. Chairperson: an appointed or elected member who conducts the meeting II. Planning and Chairing Meetings a. Questions about Meeting: always ask these questions to know if a meeting is necessary a.i. Why are we meeting? a.i.1. Is an immediate response needed? a.i.2. Are group input and interaction critical? a.i.3. Are members prepared to discuss the topic? a.ii. Who should attend the meeting? a.ii.1. Most important, productive people a.iii. When Should We Meet? a.iii.1. What day, what time? When will the most amounts of people be able to make it to the meeting? a.iii.2. Optimal meeting length is one hour give breaks every hour for food and drink a.iii.3. Schedule meetings for a time when everyone is free a.iv. Where should we meet? a.iv.1. Choose a good location – enough space, comfortable, clean, organized etc. a.v. What materials do we need? a.v.1. Have everything necessary for a positive meeting in place in the meeting room b. Preparing the Agenda b.i. Agenda: outline of the items for discussion at a meeting
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Chapter 12 Notes - Chapter 12 Planning and Conducting...

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