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Chapter 13 notes - Chapter 13 Making Presentations in...

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Chapter 13: Making Presentations in Groups I. Presentations in Groups: a. Presentation: occurs whenever a member speaks, relatively uninterrupted, to other group members or audience members II. Presentation Guidelines: a. Purpose : determine your speaking goal, what you want people to know, think, believe, or do b. Audience : connect with your audience b.i. Characteristics : b.i.1. Demographics : age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and marital status b.i.2. Individual attributes : take into account the distinctive features of particular group members, such as job title and status, special interests, personality traits, relationships with other members, and length of group membership b.ii. Opinions b.ii.1. Try to find common ground so that you can change people’s minds more easily b.ii.1.a. Emphasizing shared feelings will help to overcome resistance c. Credibility : enhance your believability c.i. Competence: refers to your expertise and abilities c.ii. Character: reflects your trustworthiness c.iii. Caring: refers to whether you have listeners’ interests at heart, demonstrate an understanding of others’ ideas, and are empathetic d. Logistics : adapt to the setting and occasion, strategic planning, arranging, use of people, facilities, time and materials relevant to your presentation
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Chapter 13 notes - Chapter 13 Making Presentations in...

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