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Megan Michels 05/04/10 Dr. Duffy COMS 330 Funeral Oration Response Pericles’ Funeral Oration is a piece that brings patriotism and glorification to the Athenians after their first year in the Peloponnesian War. Through his clearly organized structure and concise wording, Pericles’ speech follows the suggestions that Orwell makes in his piece, “Politics and the English Language.” For me, the most notable part of this piece was its organization and layout. Pericles’ speech is clearly divided into four parts: an introduction, a praise of the dead, a praise of Athenian democracy, and ends with lessons for the living, ultimately uplifting the audience. First, Pericles carefully introduces his topic of his speech through explaining his motive, to honor those who died in war, and adds credibility to his character through noting his desire to abide by the traditions of a funeral oration. Pericles is very straightforward about what he is going to talk about throughout his speech, leading the listeners through his thought process. This is a concept
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