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Plage of Athens : super descriptive, artistic proof, rhetorical aspect of history, h. nature Encom. of Helen : apologia (s. of def.), proves Hel. is innocent through pushing blame Sophists : spread of democ. = intro of sophists, *taught pub. Speaking, equal arg. on both sides, taught arête, $, competing ideas, quality argument (truth = unimport.), mutability of beliefs , foreigners, relativists , rivals, individual truths, goal of their teaching was to become a good man, taught rhetoric Kairos: opp. Moment, Prepon: “fitting”, diction Protagoras: relativist, individual > cultural relativism, “father of debate”, arête – taught Prodicus: “correctness of names,” discus. Of synonyms, choose right words to be pers. Gorgias: how great rhet. is, not how to use it. Rhet. is oratory addressed to a large group, doesn’t instruct aud., leads them to beliefs “w/out certainty,” sham arts, rhet. = art of gratification (hedonism, craving), oratory = persuade, dialectic = inquiry, didactic = instruct,
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