ENG 102 Victorian Cultural Study

ENG 102 Victorian Cultural Study - Victorian Cultural Study...

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Victorian Cultural Study The play “A Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen was written in the middle of the nineteenth century during a politically progressive era known as the Victorian era. This is the beginning of the modern world. Industrialization had transformed Europe from an Agrarian society to a truly modern one. While men enjoyed many rights and privileges, as they had for thousands of years, women were quite limited in what they could do with their lives. With the introduction of modern conveniences, women had time to reflect on their political conditions and began to demand at least some basic rights that men had. “A Doll House” is concerned with the plight of women in the modern social and economic world that still viewed women as inferior to men. Women of the Victorian era were restricted in their rights concerning marriage, education, employment, property, and their own sexuality. The accepted and preferred qualities of a true Victorian lady were for her to be “innocent, virtuous, biddable, dutiful and be ignorant of intellectual opinion”. Beginning when they were little, Victorian females of the upper class were trained in the arts of housewifery, “to sing, play an instrument and speak a little French or Italian”. Upon marriage, the wife became her
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ENG 102 Victorian Cultural Study - Victorian Cultural Study...

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