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Unformatted text preview: 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 1 abandon abbreviate abnormal abolition abort abound abrasion abreast abrupt absence absolutely absorb abstract absurd abundant academy accelerate access accessible accessory acclaim accommodate accompany accomplish accomplished accord account accumulate accuracy accurate accuse accustom acid acknowledge acoustic acquaint acquire acting action activity acute adapt additional additive address adequate adhere adhesive adjacent adjunct adjust administer admire admission admit adobe Page 1 of 35 Word List 2 adolescence adopt adorn advanced advent adventure adverse advertise advocate aerial aerobic aesthetic affection affirm afflict afford agency aggregate aggressive agreeable airborne alarm alchemist alert amuse amusement approach appropriate alga algebra analogy analysis approve approximate alien alkali analyze anatomy aquarium aquatic allay allegory ancestor anchor arbitrary archaeology allergy alleviate ancient angle architect arid allocation alloy animation announce arithmetic arrange alphabet alter annoyed annual array articulate alternate alternative anthropology antibiotic artifact artificial altitude aluminum anticipate antique artisan artistic alumnus amass apartment apparent ascending ascribe amateur amid appeal appetite aspect assemble amino ammonia applaud applicable assert assign amnesia amount applicant appointment associate ample amplify appreciate apprentice Page 2 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 3 Word List 4 assume assure avalanche avenue bead beak blizzard block brochure bronze camouflage campaign asteroid astronomy avert aviation beam beat bloom blossom brush bubble candidate cannibalism asymmetrical athlete avoid aware beaver behave blur board buck buckle canopy canvas atmosphere atomic awareness awful behavior belt boast bog bud buddy canyon capability attach attain awkward axis beneficial benefit bold bond budget buffalo capacity cape attempt attendance Babylonian backlighting benign besiege bony boom bulb bulk capillary captive attorney attract bake balcony beverage bias boost botany bulletin bump carbon cardiac attractive attribute bald banner bill bind boulder bounce bundle bureau cardinal cargo auction audience barb barbecue biography bison bound boundary burgeon burrow caribou carnivore audio audit bare barge blade bland brand brass cabin cabinet carp cart audition auditorium bark barn blanket blast breakthrough breed cable cactus cartilage carve augment authority barrel barren bleach blend breeze brief cafeteria calcium cascade authorize automatic barrier barter blip brighten brilliance calculate calculus automobile available basin battery brilliant brittle calendar calibration Page 3 of 35 Page 4 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 5 Word List 6 cascara cassette character characteristic claim clam coincide collaborator commute compact compulsory conceal cast catalog characterize charcoal clamor clarify collapse collect companion comparable concede conceive catalyst catastrophe chart charter classic classify collectively collide comparative comparison concentration concept category caterpillar checked chief clay client colonize colony compass compatible concert concise cautious cavity chill chilled cliff cling column combat compel compensate conclude conclusive cease celebrate chimpanzee chip clinical clipper combination combine compete competence concrete condensation celebrated celestial chlorine choir closet clue combustible comedy compile complement condense conduct cell census cholesterol choir clump clumsy comic command complementary completion conductivity conductor centennial ceramic cholesterol choreographer cluster clutch commemorate comment complex complicated confederacy confer cereal ceremony chorus chromosome coarse coax commentary commerce compliment comply conference confession certificate chafe chronical circuit code coexist commission commit component compose confidence configuration chamber champion circular circulation cognition coherent commitment committee composition compound championship channel circumference circumstance cohesion coil commodity communal comprehend compress chaos chapel cite civilian communicate community comprise compromise Page 5 of 35 Page 6 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 7 Word List 8 confine confirm constricted construct convert convey craft cramped cumbersome cuneiform declaration declare conflict conform consult consume convict convince crater crawl curiosity current decline decode confront congenial consumption contagious cooperative coordinate creativity credential curriculum curve decompose decorate congestion congress contain contaminate copper coral credit crest cushion custom decrease dedicate conscious consciously contemporary content corona corporate crew crippling cylinder dairy dedication defect consent consequence contest context correspond correspondence crisscross criterion dam damp defense deficiency consequently conservation continent continuation corrosion corrosive critical critique dated dawn deficient define conserve considerable continuity continuum cosmic cosmos crow crown dazzling deadline definite definitive considerate consistent contour contract costume counseling crucial crude deadly dealer deform delegate consistently consonant contrast contribute counselor counteract crusade crush debate debris deliberate delicate consort constant controversy convection counterpart coupon crust crustacean debut decade constantly constellation convenience convention court crab crystal cube decay deceive constituent constitute conventional converge crack cue cultivate decent deceptive constitution constrain conversation converse cultivated culture deciduous decipher Page 7 of 35 Page 8 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 9 Word List 10 delicious delight desire desolate diffuse digest discrimination disease division doctrine ease Easter deliver delta desolate desperate digestive dignity disguise disgust documentary documentation eccentric eclipse demanding democrat dessert destined dilemma dilute disintegrate disinterested dolphin domain ecology economy democratic demolish destruction destructive dim dimension dismal dismay domestic dominate ecosystem edible demonstrate denote detect detective diminish dinosaur disorder displace donate dormant edifice editorial dense dentist deter deteriorate dioxide diplomat display dispose dormitory downtown eject elaborate deny depart determine detest director directory dispute disrupt draft drain elective electricity depend depict devastate device disadvantage disaster disseminate dissolve dramatic drastic electron elegant deplete deposit devise devoid discard discern distinct distinguish drift drill element elementary depression deprive devote devour discharge discipline distort distract drought dubious elevate elicit derive descend diagnose diagonal discount discrete distress distribute ductile due eligible eliminate descent describe dialect diameter disturbance dive dull dump elliptical elm descriptive deserted dictate diction diverse diversification duplicate durable eloquent deserve designate diet differentiate diversity divert dwarf dwelling Page 9 of 35 Page 10 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 11 Word List 12 elusive embarrass engine engraving erode errand excess exchange extension extent fare fascinate embellish emblem engulf enhance erupt essay exclude excursion exterior external fashion fasten embody embrace enlightenment enormous essence essential execute exemplary extinct extol fatal fatigue embryo emerald enrich enroll establish estate exempt exert extract extraordinary faucet fault emerge eminent entail enterprise estimate eternal exhale exhaust extravagant extreme fauna favorable emission emit enterprising entertain ethics ethnic exhibit exhilaration exuberant fabric favored feasible emotion emotional enthusiasm entitle evacuation evaluate exotic expand fabricate facade feat federal emphasize enactment entry envelop evaporate even expedition expel facial facilitate feeble fellow encase enclose enzyme ephemeral evidence evident expertise expel facility factor fellowship female encompass encounter epic epidemic evoke evolve expertise expire factual faculty feminist ferment encourage encroach episode epitomize exaggerate exalted explicit explode fade Fahrenheit fertile fertilize endangered endeavor epoch equal excavate exceed exploit explore faint fair feudal fiber endow endure equator equivalent exponent exposition fairly familiarize fiction enforce engaging era erect exposure extend fancy fantasy Page 11 of 35 Page 12 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 13 Word List 14 fidelity file forage forecast frigid frost gene generalize glaze glimpse gravitational gravity filter fin forefront foremost frugal frustrate generate generation glorify glossy grazing gregarious finance finch foreshorten formal fulfill function generous genesis glow glue grimly grind firm fitness format formation fund fundamental genetic genetically gnaw gorgeous grip groan flag flagellum former formidable funding fungus genetics genial gorilla gospel grocery groom flake flame formulae fort furnace furnish genius genre Gothic gourd gross grudge flap flask fortuitous fortune fuse galaxy gentle genuine govern governor guarantee guideline flat flavoring fossil foster gallery gallop geology geometry grab grace guilty gulf flexible flint fountain fraction gap garbage germ giant gradient grading gull gymnasium float flock fracture fragile gaseous gasoline gigantic gin gradual grain habitat hail flora flourish fragment fragrant gear gem giraffe girder granite grant hammer hamper fluctuate flux frame fray gemstone gender given glacial granular graph handy harbor fold foliage freight frenzy glacier glamorous graphic grasp folklore foment fresco friction gland glare grasshopper gravel Page 13 of 35 Page 14 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 15 Word List 16 hardware hardy hike hind hummingbird hurl illusion illustrate impulse inactivate inert inevitably harmony harness hinder hint hurricane husk imagist imbibe inactive inanimate infancy infant harsh haste hinterland hitherto hydrogen hydrothermal imitate immature inanity inaugurate infection infectious hatch haul hive hockey hygiene hypothesize immediate immense incense incentive inferior inflammation haunt haven hollow homestead iceberg ideal immigrant immune inception incessant inflate influential hawk hay homing hominid idealize identical immunity immutable incident incinerate influenza influx hazard heading homogeneous hook identify identity impact impair inclination inclined inform infrared healing heed horizon horizontal ideology idiom impart impending inconspicuous inconvenient infrastructure ingenious hemisphere henceforth hormone horn idle ignition imperative impermeable incorporate incredible ingredient inhabit herald herb hospitable host ignorant ignore impersonal impetus incubate incursion inherent inherit herd heritage hostile household illuminate implement implication independent indicate inhibit hibernation hide hover huddle implicit imply indifference indigestion hierarchy hieratic hue hum impose impressive indispensable individual hieroglyph highlight humanity humid imprint improvise induce industry Page 15 of 35 Page 16 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 17 Word List 18 initial initially insult insurance intuitive invade jewelry jog lasting latent lethargy lettuce initiate inject intact integral inventory invertebrate joint jolt Latin latitude level liberate inn innate integrate integrity investigate invitation journal juice latter launch liberty librarian inner innocent intellect intelligent inviting involve jumble junction laundry laureate license lichen innovation innovative intense intent ironic ironically Jupiter justice lava lawn lightning likewise inquire insanity interact interest irony irresistible justify juvenile lay layer limb lime inscribe insect interfere interior irrigate irritable keen kennel layout leading linear linen insert insight internal internship irritate isolated kernel kerosene league leak linger linguist insistence inspire interplay interpret issue ivory kiln kinetic leap lease linguistic lipid install instance interrupt intersection jar jaw label laboratory leather ledge liquid listless instinct institute interstellar interval jeans jelly lace lament leftover legend literally literary instruct instruction intimate intoxication jeopardize landing landmass legible legislation literature instrument insufficient intrepid intricate landscape larva legislature leisure insulate insulin intriguing intrude laser lash lens lethal Page 17 of 35 Page 18 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 19 Word List 20 lithosphere litter machinery maglev marine maritime mechanic mechanism meteorology methane mission mobile livelihood livestock magma magnesium marked market mechanist mechanize method meticulous mock mode lizard load magnet magnetic marrow marsh medal media metric metropolis modeling modern lobby locality magnificent magnify marvel mask mediate medieval microbe microorganism moderate modest locally locate magnitude maintain mason mass medium melodic microscope microwave modify modulate locomotion locomotive maintenance major mast mat melodie melody mighty migrate moist moisture lodge log male mammal match mate melt melting mild military mold molecule logical loose mammoth manage material mathematics membrane mental millennium mime molten monarch lounge lower maneuver mania mature maturity mention mercantile mimic mine monitor monopolize loyal lubricant manifest manipulate maximum meager merchandise merchant mineral minimal monotonous monster lumber luminous manner mansion meantime measure mercury mercy minimize minimum monumental moral lunar lure mantle manual mere merit minor minority morale mosaic lush luster manufacture marble metabolic metallic mint minute luxury lyric march margin meteor meteorite miracle miserable Page 19 of 35 Page 20 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 21 Word List 22 mosquito moth naive naked nominate nominee obtain occasional orientation original pale pamphlet motif motion nap narrate nonsense notate occupy occur originate ornament pancreas panel motivate motive narrative nationalism noted noticeable oceanographer octopus outcome outfit panic pants motor motive naturalist naval notify notion odd odor outgas outline parallel paralyze motor mottled navigate navy notwithstanding nourish offensive offspring output outrageously parameter paramount mount mountainous nectar needy novel noxious olfactory onslaught outspoken overall paraphrase parasite multiple multiply negate negative nucleus numerous ooze opal overcome overhaul parliament partial multitude mundane neglect negotiation nurture nutrient opaque opponent overlap overlook participate particle municipal mural neoclassical Neolithic nutrition oak opportunity oppose overseas overwhelm particular passage muscle mushroom neon neutral oasis obedience opposite optical owl oxide passion passive musical musician neutron nevertheless oblivious obsess optimal optimistic oyster ozone paste pasture musicologist mutual newsletter niche obsolete obstacle oral orbit pack packed patch patent myriad myth nickel nitrogen obstruct orchestra orchid paddle painstaking mythical mythology nocturnal nomadic ore organic palatable palate Page 21 of 35 Page 22 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 23 Word List 24 path pathology permit perpetuate pilot pine pointed polar potassium potential presidency president patriot patrol persist personal pinpoint pioneer pole policy potter pound press pressure patron patronage personality personnel pipe piracy polish politics poverty powder prestige prestigious patronizing pattern perspective persuasive pit pitch pollen pollinate practical practically pretension pretentious pave peak pertain pertinent pivotal plain pollutant polygon prairie precede prevail prevailing pebble peculiar pervasive pesticide planet plank ponderous popular precious precipitate prevalent previous pedagogy pendant petroleum pharmacy plankton plasma populate pore precise precursor prey primal penetrate penicillin phase phenomenon plaster plate porous portable predator predecessor primary primate perceive perceptive pheromone philosophy plateau platitude portion portrait predict predominantly prime primitive percussion perfect photodissociation photography plausible playwright portray pose predominate preferable principal principle perform perfume photosynthesis physical pliable plight posit position preference prehistoric prior priority periodic peripheral physician physiology plot plow positive possess preliminary preponderance privilege prize perish perishable pictorial pierce plump plunge poster poster prerequisite prescribe probe procedure permanent permeate pigeon pigment postpone postulate prescription preserve proceed process Page 23 of 35 Page 24 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 25 Word List 26 proclaim prodigious prosperity prosperous qualify quality rally ranch recommend recover rejuvenate relative productivity profession protein protest quantify quarry random range recreation recruit relatively relay professional proficient prototype provision quartz quasar rank rare rectangle recycle release relevant profound progressive prudent psychoanalysis questionnaire quilt rash ratify reddish reef reliable relic prohibitively project psychology publication quit quiz ratio ration refer reference relief relieve prolific prolonged publicize puddle quota quote rational rattle refine refined religion reluctant prominent promising pueblo pulp racing racket raw ray reflect reform remainder remains promote prompt pulse pump radar radiate rayon readily refreshing refrigerate remark remarkable pronounced proof punctual puncture radical radioactive realm rear refund refurbish remind remnant proofread propel pupil puppet radius raft reason rebel regardless regenerate remodel remote proper property purchase pure rage rainbow recall receptacle region register removal renaissance proponent proportion purity purple rainfall reception receptor regular regulate propose prose pursue pursuit recession recipe rehabilitate rehearse prospect prosper pyramid quaint reckless recognize reinforce reject Page 25 of 35 Page 26 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 27 Word List 28 render renew resource respect rhyme rhythm rub rudimentary scale scan secrete section renovate repel respective respond ribbon ridge rug rugged scar scarce secure sedentary repertoire repertory response responsible ridiculous rigid ruin rumor scarf scatter sediment seep repetition replenish restore restraint rigor ripe rupture rural scavenger scenery segment segregate replicate represent restrict restricted rite ritual rust rustic scent schedule seismic seismograph reproduce reptile resume retail rival roam sac sacred scheme scholar seismology semester republic repute retain retreat robust rod sake salamander scope scorch seminar senate request require retrieve reveal rodent rodeo salient salmon score scout senior sensible rescue resemble revenue revere roe roll salon sample scrape scratch sensitive sensory reserve reservoir reverse revert romantic rotate sanitation sapphire screen script sentimental separate reside resident review revise rough roughly satellite satire scrub scruffy sequence sequoia residue resin revitalize revival routine satiric saturate scuba sculpt resist resolve revolt revolution Saturn sauce sculpture scurry resonance resort reward rhinoceros save saving seal secondary Page 27 of 35 Page 28 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 29 Word List 30 series session signal significantly sloth slumber solution somewhat spew sphere stable stack setting settlement signify silica smoothly smother soothe sophisticated spice spill stadium staff severe sew silicon silt snack snap soprano sore spin spinning stage stagecoach sewage shade similar simmer snowflake so-called sound sour spiny spiral staggered staggering shallow shatter simply simulate soccer sociology souvenir sow splash split stain stake shear shed simultaneous sinuous soda sodium soybean space sponge sponsor stalk standard sheer shell situated skeletal soft solar span spare spontaneity spontaneous staple shelter shield skeleton skeptical solder sole spark sparse spot sprawl shift shore sketch skip solicit solid spawn special spray spread shortage shortly skull skyscraper solitary solo specialize specialized spring sprout shovel shower sled sledding soluble species specify spun spur shrimp shrink slice slide specimen spectacle square squash shroud shrub slight slip spectacular spectator squeeze squid shuttle sieve slog slope spectrum speculate squirrel squirt Page 29 of 35 Page 30 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 31 Word List 32 starch stark storage stout submerge submit subtle subtract survey survive sympathy symphony startling stash strain strand subsequent subsidize suburb subway susceptible suspect symptom synonym state statesman strap strategy subsidy subsist successive sufficient suspend suspension synthesize synthetic static station stratum stream subspecies substance suffragist suitcase sustain sustained syrup syrup stationary statistic stress stretch substantial substantiate sulfur sum sustenance swallow systematic tactic statistical statue strict stride substitute summary summit swamp swan talent tally stature status strike string sunlit sunset swarm swear tangle tariff steady steep strip stripe superficial superintendent sweat sweep tarnish technique steer stellar strive stroke superior supervise sweeping swell technological tectonics stem stereo studio stun supplant supplement swift swing tedium sterile stew stunt sturdy suppose suppress switch syllable stick stiff stylish stylistic supreme surge symbol symbolic stimulate sting stylized subdue surgeon surpass symmetry sympathetic stir stock subject submarine surplus surrender sympathy sympathetic Page 31 of 35 Page 32 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 33 Word List 34 teem telegraph thrive thwart transplant trash tundra tunnel universe unparalleled varnish vascular telescope temperate tile timber tread tremendous turbulent turkey unprecedented unpredictable vault vegetarian temporary tenant tissue tolerant trench trend turnpike turtle unravel unsubstantiated vegetation vehicle tendency tendon tolerate topography triangle tribal tutor twig untamed untapped vein velocity tenement tension topsoil tornado tributary trigger twine twinkling upheaval uppermost vent venture tentacle tenuous torrent tournament trivial tropic twist tycoon urban urge verbal versatile terminal terminology tow towering troupe tube ultimate ultimately utilitarian utility verse version termite terrain toxic trace tug tuition ultimatum ultraviolet utilize utmost vertebrate vertical terrestrial territory tract tragedy unaided unconsolidated utter vacant vessel veto testimony textile tragic trait undergo underneath vacate vaccine viable vibrate texture thaw transcend transfer underscore undertake vacuum vague vibration vice theme theoretical transform transit unearth uneven valid valve vicinity vigorous therapy thorn transition translucent uniform unify vanish vapor thorough thrifty transmit transparent unique unity variable varied Page 33 of 35 Page 34 of 35 红宝书姊妹篇 俞敏洪《TOEFL 词汇词根+联想记忆法》 By [email protected] Word List 35 violent violently weathering weed viral virtually weird welfare virtue virus wholesome wick visible vista willful willow visual vital wispy withdraw vivid vocal wither withstand vocation volatile wool wrap volcano volume wreck X-ray volunteer voyage yarn yeast vulnerable wagon yield yogurt walnut wane zealous zigzag ware warehouse zinc zone warp wary wasp Page 35 of 35 ...
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