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Unformatted text preview: /4/1 I%(3'/440,(;,*4&%-76%4/,(-042%*4? A$0-01*2-173-710(*4(+7,GB Ge % Strained SiGe 60 Ge 30% Relaxed SiGe *9%60 0% Strained SiGe 6 I% D *9%60 Si “HOI” Srai ined S Sttraned Si i J EFLHIMNO S Strained Si I% I% Strained Si “30% SSDOI” J0 3'/440,(;,*4&%-76%4/,(3*)C1022%*4? Ge J KFLHIMNO S *9%60 D *9%60 Si # $%&'()*+%,%-.()/-01%/,2(3/4(+0(-1/42501106(-*(%427,/-*1(8'%,0(10-/%4%4&(+%/9%/,(2-1/%4 : ,/1&0(2-1/%4(;0<&<(=>?(3/4(+0(+7%,-(%4-*(-'0(3'/440,()/-01%/, # @%/9%/,(2-1/%4(+03*)02(A74%/9%/,B 7C*4(C/--014%4&(;1067302(3*4673-%D%-.(05503-%D0()/22? # E*4FC,/4/1(&0*)0-1.(%)C1*D02(23/,/+%,%-.(/46(04/+,02(,*801(3'/440,(6*C%4&(;1067302(5,73-7/-%*42? Judy Hoyt, 2010 araswat tanford University 35 !" EE311/Strained Si Uniaxial Strain : III-V nMOSFET araswat tanford University 36 EE311/Strained Si 18 Mobility Booster’s Summary Main Mobility Enhancement Techniques Main Main Mobility Enhancement Techniques Process-based Process-based ProcessProcess ProcessProcess Process--based Process--based Substrate--based Substrate--based SubstrateSubstrate SubstrateSubstrate Substrate-based Substrate-based SixGe1-x SixGe 1-x Si Ge1-x Si xGe1-x SixxGe1-x SSOI SSOI SSOI SSOI SSOI Crystal/Channel Crystal/Channel Crystal/Channel Crystal/Channel Crystal/Channel Bulk Bulk Bulk Bulk Bulk SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI Liners Liners Liners Liners Liners SEG SEG SEG SEG SEG CESL CESL CESL CESL CESL SMT SMT SMT SMT SMT eSiGe eSiGe eSiGe eSiGe eSiGe eSiC eSiC eSiC eSiC eSiC Gate Gate Gate Gate Gate MEOL MEOL MEOL MEOL MEOL Replac. Gate Replac. Gate Replac. Gate Replac. Gate Replac. Gate Contact Contact Contact Contact Contact Tensile bi-axial Tensile bi-axial Tensile bi-axial Tensile bi-axial Tensile bi-axial Natural µµenhancement Natural µ enhancement Natural enhancement Natural µ enhancement Natural µ enhancement Tensile Tensile Tensile Tensile Tensile Tensile Tensile Tensile Tensile Tensile Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Tensile Tensile Tensile Tens...
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