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PHYS 1501 A&P Nervous System

PHYS 1501 A&P Nervous System - Nervous System(NS...

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Nervous System (NS) responsible for o perception o behaviors o memories o neurology o Structure of NS 1) Central NS (CNS) 2) Peripheral NS (PNS) a. All N tissue outside CNS 3) Brain ~100 billion neuron 4) 12 pair cranial N (I-XII)- from brain base 5) Nerve (N)- bundle of 100’s to 1000’s of axon + assoc. conn. Tiss. & bld vess. That lie outside CNS. 6) Spinal N- 31 pair emerge from spinal cord a. Each serves a specific region 7) Spinal Cord- connect to brain, is encircled by bone of VC, contains ~10o million neurons 8) Ganglia- small masses of NT b. Contains cell bodies of neurons c. 9) Enteric Plexues: network of neurons in walls of GI tract organs, helps regulate digestive sys.
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10)Sensory receptors- either dendrites of sensory neurons or specialized cells that monitor Function of NS 1) Sensory Function: b. Sensory (afferent) neurons- carry sensory info from cranial/spinal N into brain/ spinal cord or from lower to higher level in spinal cord (SC)/brain. 2) Integrative Function: a. NS integrates sensory info by analyzing &storing it & making decisions for responses b. Interneuron-participate in integrative functions i. Axons extend for a short distance & contact nearby neurons in brain, SC or ganglion ii. Comprise vast majority of neurons ITB 3) Motor Function: a. NS’s motor function involves responding to integrative decisions b. Motor (efferent) neurons(Mn)- respond to integrative decision c. Organization of NS 3) PNS subdivided into: a. Somatic NS (SNS) i. Sensory neurons (Sn) that convey info from somatic receptors (in cranium, ii. Mn that conduct impulses from CNS to skeletal muscles only iii. Somatic Mn-VOLUNTARY b. Autonomic NS (ANS) i. Sn’s that convey info from autonomic sensory receptors located primarily in visceral organs (stomach/Lungs) to the CNS
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PHYS 1501 A&P Nervous System - Nervous System(NS...

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