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1. About two-third of the heart’s mass lays on the _____ side of the body’s midline? a. Left 2. What is the pointed end of the heart called? Which chamber of the heart forms it? a. Apex b. Left ventricle 3. What is the posterior surface of the heart called? a. The base 4. What is the name of the membrane that surrounds and holds the heart in place? a. Pericardium 5. What are the two types of pericardium? a. Fibrous pericardium and serous pericardium 6. What are the characteristics of the fibrous pericardium? What is its function? a. Tough, inelastic, made of dense irregular connective tissue b. Prevents overstretching of heat, protects the heart, and anchors heart in place 7. What are the two serous pericardium layers? What are they attached to? a. The parietal layer – (outer) fused to fibrous pericardium b. The visceral layer – (inner) adheres tightly to surface of heart 8. What is the structure found between the parietal layer and visceral layer of serous pericardium? a. Pericardial cavity which contains pericardial fluid 9. What is the function of the pericardial fluid? a. Reduces friction between the parietal and visceral membranes as the heart moves. 10. What is the wall of the heart composed of? a. Pericardium – the visceral layer to be more precise! b. Myocardium c. Endocarium 11. What is the myocardium responsible for? a. Responsible for the pumping action of heart 12. What are the characteristics of the cells of the myocardium? a. Striated b. Involuntary c. Branched d. Arranged in interlacing bundles of fibers 13. What are intercalated discs? a. Network of thickening of sacrolemma that connects each muscle fiber with one another 14. What structures are found with intercalated disc and what are their function? a. Gap junctions b. Allow action potential to conduct from one cardiac muscle fiber to the next 15. What kind of epithelium is found in the endocardium? What does it line and covers? a. Composed of simple squamous epithelium b. Lines the inside of myocardium layer and covers the valves of the heart and tendons attached to the valves 16. What are the four chambers of the heart called? a. Right atrium (upper chamber) b. Right Ventricle (lower chamber) c. Left atrium (upper chamber) d. Left ventricle (lower chamber)
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17. What is the name of the structure that separates the right atrium form the left atrium? a.
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PHYS 1501 Final Review - A & P Final Exam Review: 1. About...

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