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PUBH 1515 Outline for Exam 1 - Imhotep CodeofHammurabi...

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E Early and Near Eastern Contribution Imhotep Founder of Egyptian medicine Code of Hammurabi Malpractice= hands get cut off H Hellenistic Contribution to Medicine 535 Greek physicians establish brain as center of intellect Asclepius god of healing in Greece Hippocrates relationship b/w diet and health and spinal manip meth Pythagorean wrote Hippocratic oath Roman Galen spinal manipulation (c7) helps weakened hand Romans outlawed : public baths/ census/garbage pickup/water&sewer/bathing Dark Ages Disease is supposedly caused by Sin Most healers are women Mid 14th Century 1348 big disease Black death/ Black plague killed 75 million 1/3‐2/3 pop. first quarantine set up in Yugoslavia 16th Century Ambrosie Pare Father of surgery /use manipulation of vineyard workers 1520 Smallpox kills Aztecs Cortez takes over Giralom Francastoro epidemic dx caused by spores=germ theory 17th century antoni van Leeuwenhoek first person to see sperm and rbc 18th Century Giovanni Morgagni
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