PUBH 1515 Practice Midterm 1

PUBH 1515 Practice Midterm 1 - 1) _ spread is transmission...

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1 1) _______ spread is transmission of an infectious agent by an animate object? a. Vector b. Vehicle 2) Which one of the following is a factor of resistance? a. Normal bacterial flora b. Normal viral flora c. Influx reflex d. Psoriatic skin 3) _____ is the climate, temperature and moisture? a. Physical factor a.Social factor b.Biologic factor c.Genetic factor 4) Epidemics or outbreaks of disease occur when the proportion of susceptible individuals is _____ and increases as the proportion of immune individuals _____? a. High, decreases b. Low, decreases c. Low, increases d. High, increases 5) Disease _____ requires the total annihilation of the agent so the epidemiological triangle will never occur. a. Eradication b. Surveillance c. Exposure d. Cluster 6) When investigating an epidemic the distribution of cases is not characterized by? a.Variable of time b.Variable of place c.Variable of thing d.Variable of person 7) _____ is the expression of the relationship of one part to a whole? a. Ratio b. Rate c. Proportion d. Odds 8) _____ rate measures the rate of births?
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2 a. Natality b. Morbidity c. Mortality d. YPLL 9) The purpose of an investigation is to describe the when and where a disease outbreak occurs? a. True b. False 10) Which one of the following is a characteristic of the distribution of cases of a disease? a. Variable of time b. Variable of occurrence b.Variable of morbidity c.Variable of incidence 11) _____ is the extent to which a study correctly represents the characteristics of interest? a. Validity b. Risk c. Etiology d. Susceptibility 12) In 1348, the human race came close to extinction due to what disease? a. Ebola virus b. Smallpox c. Tuberculosis d. Bubonic plague 13) In 1987 the Wilk vs. AMA ruling stated that the AMA and its co-conspirators did not conspire to viciously discredit, malign, and restrict expansion of chiropractic. a. True
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PUBH 1515 Practice Midterm 1 - 1) _ spread is transmission...

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