PUBH 1515 Public Health PREP Answer Key

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1. F; Beth Israel has accepted acupuncture and many other forms of alternative medicine. 2. F; Many hospitals use a wide variety of alternative medicines. 3. T 4. T 5. F Many scientists and politicians disagree on the efficacy of alternative medicines. 6. T 7. T 8. T 9. F; Deep tissue massage is designed to remove emotional and physical blockages to
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Unformatted text preview: healing. 10. T 11. T 12. T 13. F; The University of Maryland study is not yet completed and is only focused on osteoarthritis of the knee. 14. T 15. T 16. F; Congress did pass DSHEA in 1994. 17. T 18. T 19. T 20. T 21. F; Homeopathic remedies involve treating patients with highly diluted substances....
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