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Vanessa Reapor Aero 310 Air and Space, Section 01 Professor Wright Leaphart Extra Credit Project June 1, 2011 Extra Credit Assignment: Santa Maria Museum of Flight On Saturday May 21, 2011, I visited the Santa Maria Museum of Flight with fellow peers: Carly Weinstein, Ryane Duddy and Rodney Pereira. Upon arrival, a lady who volunteers at the museum on her spare time greeted us. After we purchased our tickets from her, she introduced us to our young tour guide— who was aspiring and saving up for pilot/aviation school. I did not notice that we were inside an old hanger until our tour guide mentioned that the very hanger we were standing in was featured in the Walt Disney film, The Rocketeer. The museum obtained the hanger from the film after production, and now serves as the main entrance. In the main building, memorabilia, exhibits and displays were creatively scattered throughout the Rocketeer hanger. The displays included figures of the chronological history of aviation as learned in class. Some figures including the
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