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ENG 382 Current Event

ENG 382 Current Event - Vanessa Reapor English 382 Section...

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Vanessa Reapor English 382, Section 01 Professor Hennessee April 27, 2011 Current Event Presentation Summary In the article “Hundreds Rally in Maryland for Trans Victim” by Julie Bolcer, people gathered on Monday evening, April 25 th , for a vigil of Chrissy Lee Polis—an epileptic and transgender—was brutally attacked on video at a McDonald’s on April 18th. In the video where you can easily access online, two women, ages 18 and 14, attack Polis on her way to the restroom. The video also captures an older lady and employee attempting to end the beating while others laugh. The 18year old who has been identified as Teonna Monae Brown has been charged with first and second degree assault. However, the 14 year old’s identity has not been released, but has been charged as juvenile. The LGBT Community Center of Baltimore, Trans-United, TransMaryland and Baltimore County organized the vigil for Equality. Polis did not attend the event and is afraid to leave her house. She also plans to sue McDonald’s as well as its employee
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