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English 382 Midterm Paper - Reapor 1 Vanessa Reapor...

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Reapor 1 Vanessa Reapor Professor David Hennessee English 382, Section 01 Midterm Paper May 10, 2011 Glee: Challenging the Norms Sissy. Queer. Faggot. These are just a few powerful words that are deeply embedded in American culture, and used to categorize a person not portraying the perceived gender roles of society. These words, however, did not just appear out of thin air; they were created, and elaborated in the media. Throughout the years, Hollywood has represented the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community as objects of fear, pity and/or laughter and thus creating homophobia. This portrayal in contemporary film or television is still true today, but a current television show, Glee, lightly complies as well as challenges the patterns set by the mainstream. Glee, set in Lima, Ohio, is an American television series that focuses on a high school glee club called the New Directions. The show concentrates not only on the show choir competitions, but as well as the personal lives (i.e. relationships, sexuality and social issues) of its teenage members. Some of the members of the glee club include: a star quarterback, a paraplegic, a self-conscious African American diva, a Jewish teenager raised by two fathers, three cheerleaders and a fashionably gay countertenor named Kurt Hummel. In season one, Kurt is constantly bullied at school, struggles with his sexuality and finally comes out to his father, Burt. Then in season two,
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Reapor 2 Kurt’s father marries Carole Hudson—the mother of the star quarterback and Kurt’s fellow glee club member, Finn—and transfers schools because of a death threat made by a homophobic football player, Dave Karofsky. Ironically, the creator and producer of
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English 382 Midterm Paper - Reapor 1 Vanessa Reapor...

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