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HRSA Job Description - and decision-making and social...

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HRSA Job Description After thorough analysis of the Human Resources Student Assistant job description and its many critical job tasks, we have concluded that there are only three essential tasks to being successful at the job. The three being: 1) recruit, conduct interviews and select candidates for all frontline student positions in the Orfalea Family & ASI Children’s Center, Recreational Sports and University Union 2) conduct new employee orientations for students and regular staff as needed 3) maintain good customer relations between the student body and ASI; act as liaison between individual departments and student employees. With these essential job responsibilities we have identified the needed knowledge, skills and abilities to properly perform the job. A candidate will need to be knowledgeable in administrative work, customer and personal services and as well as the proper principles and procedures of Human Resources. The candidate should have efficient active listening, coordination, speaking, judgment
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Unformatted text preview: and decision-making and social perceptiveness skills. Abilities needed for this position are comprehension in oral and written aspects, speech clarity and problem sensitivity. Since this position is a student assistant job, all the stated knowledge, skills and abilities will be acquired through not only by the learning by doing approach, but as well as proper training. The Human Resource Student Assistant should first and foremost receive training in communication. This training session should include professional ways to carry out messages via e-mail, phone and face to face. Another aspect in this communication training is how the Human Resource Student Assistant should handle conflict with customers, fellow employees and potential hires. The ASI Human Resource Department should also provide one source (i.e. whiteboard, memos or online) to transfer all their communication. This will lessen confusion, and help the student assistant’s perform their job duties effectively....
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HRSA Job Description - and decision-making and social...

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