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Interview with Dawn of ASI

Interview with Dawn of ASI - deficient What is most...

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Interview with Dawn of ASI, Human Resources Department April 26, 2011 at 12:00pm Conducted by: Tony Chan, Carly Weinstein, Vanessa Reapor and Jon Schoeneck - How do you recognize performance gaps? How do you calculate? - How important do you think others view the role of ASI? - Students view: they don’t need training - How much do you have budgeted for training? - Do your managers support training?  - Is there a performance gap? - Is the performance gap due to lack of skills, knowledge or attitude? - What is the performance discrepancy? - Is discrepancy important? - Is discrepancy caused by basic KSA problem? - Why are people not performing to standards? - Have employees received prior training in skills or knowledge that appear to 
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Unformatted text preview: deficient?- What is most effective course of action if training is needed?- Who should be involved?- How do you identify someone that needs training?- What features of the work environment might interfere with training?- Will employees receive training program as an opportunity, reward, punishment or waste of time?- How will training and development meet business goals?- For what jobs can training make the biggest difference? Customer service? Product?- What are some up and coming technology and projects that you area will be addressing?- What is your current method of sending staff to training?- What is your current performance appraisal? Content?...
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