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Opinion Essay 2 - people were good at math and science.”...

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Vanessa Reapor Ethnic Studies 112, Section 05 January 26, 2010 Opinion Essay 2 According to Paula Rothenberg and Paul Kivel theory, Caucasians of Western European decent, and those who possess pale/light skin have unspoken “white privilege/benefits.” Being a person of color as well as a member of a minority group I agree with their theory for a plethora of reasons. Growing up I had many Caucasian friends due to my extracurricular activities of dance and cheer, and was surprisingly the only Asian and Filipino. I somehow automatically became the “spokesperson” for all Asian people. “Don’t all Asian people…” was a constant question my friends would ask. To me, I didn’t see their curiosity as a form of racism because I found pleasure in educating them about my culture. Now, I know this curiosity was partially due to their social/cultural conditioning that in return made them oblivious about other cultures different from their own. As of this day, I still get remarks like “I thought all Asian
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Unformatted text preview: people were good at math and science.” I believe and agree with Rotherberg and Kivel that such judgments were created and still constantly reinforced by our media. In major motion pictures or television shows, someone of Asian decent is depicted as obedient and family oriented who easily excels in academic affairs. To further prove the media’s influence, the typical family portrayed in a movie or television show is a Caucasian suburban family with the protagonist also being Caucasian. If one were to count how many people of color are the main characters in a current movie or show, they would find the numbers to be low compared to someone of pale skin and Western European decent. Although, our country is defined as a melting pot because of its progression in segregation and mixed cultures, I still strongly believe in the theory of the “white privilege/benefits.”...
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Opinion Essay 2 - people were good at math and science.”...

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