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Opinion Essay 3 - with inspiration. Having cousins who are...

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Vanessa Reapor Ethnic Studies, Section 05 March 9, 2010 Opinion Essay #3 The in class guest speakers from the Pride Center shared their individual stories of upbringing, revelation of sexual orientation to parents and peers, and their daily lives. Although these speakers clearly differentiated physically, they shared similar emotional baggage. For instance, as children they were taunted for not being like the rest and felt a sense of disconnect within their communities. They feared rejection not just by their peers, but their parents as well. However, moving away from home and entering the world of independence: college, they found the connection in the gay community. They claim that by being a member of the Pride Center has provided the benefits of ease, mutual understanding, and belonging. After hearing these courageous people speak, I was left in awestruck and filled
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Unformatted text preview: with inspiration. Having cousins who are gay and lesbian, and growing up in the 5 th largest city of CaliforniaLong Beachfilled with extreme diversity I was exposed to many situations that my fellow peers at Cal Poly have yet to experience. I believe these exposures have greatly attributed to my liberal perspectives. However, adjusting to some of the conservative values of San Luis Obispo, and lack of diversity was difficult. For example, my roommate confessed to me that she didnt know of any open homosexuals, and that I was her first and only Filipino friend. With this being said, I believe people should be given a chance to be educated on various spectrums of culture, sexual orientation, etc. I also believe that when people gain that needed knowledge barriers will be brought down, and a steam of understanding will eventually flow through!...
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Opinion Essay 3 - with inspiration. Having cousins who are...

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