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Baudelaire Prose Poem and Poem

Baudelaire Prose Poem and Poem - about We need these...

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Vanessa Reapor Wiley English 253, Section 06 October 14, 2009 Get High In order to forget the trials and troubles of life Baudelaire believes one “must always be high” (537). Baudelaire isn’t referring to what today’s youth would consider “getting high,” but instead he encourages us to find an activity that we’re passionate
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Unformatted text preview: about. We need these passions to remind us about how great and short life really is. “Carrion” Charles Baudelaire reminds us that one day every living organism will face death and “[its] horrible decay” (38). Frightening as it sounds death is inevitable. It is up to us humans to life our lives to the fullest....
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